Mobius Final Fantasy – Anniversary Event and Freebies

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since Mobius FF launched its global variant and I couldn’t have come back at at better time. There are a ton of updates like the price reduction on mobius boxes from 3,000 magicite to 1,500 and the removal of a bunch of useless ability cards from the ability pool that can be further explained on the official site. We’re here to focus on the core points and opportunities that simply cannot be missed!


Free Daily Summon


Every new day of the month you get the chance to do a single pull for free. While the vast majority of the cards you get are going to be trash it is still a good way to get some ability tickets if you sell undesired cards. As they’re free there is literally no reason not to be doing these.

Starter Pack – 3 Summon Tickets, 3 Max


The starter pack is intended to help newer players get a jump start in their journey to catch up to content, providing a maxed job along with an assortment of 4 star cards that are completely maxed as well. Each pull will provide a job between Dancer (Ranger), Dragoon (Warrior), and Scholar (Mage) along with some ability cards suited to that job. When one pack is pulled it is removed from the pool of possible cards so everything can be had for 9 total summon tickets. The ability cards provided are not random so veteran players can look them up to determine whether or not they’re worth the tickets.

I personally pulled all 3 just because I wanted to get my hands on the Dragoon class, and the prospect of saving growstars required to upgrade cards seemed worthwhile.

Limited Revival Greater Summon – 6 Summon Tickets


This is aimed at helping players who are still interested in the FFXIV and FFXV cards get another chance at obtaining them, and Squeenix attempt to sweeten things by including a batch of anniversary exclusive cards into the pool as well. In essence you get 6 chances at one of the FF cards with a guaranteed 7th card being one of the anniversary cards for each pull.

The catch here is that none of the FF cards have rate up, they are simply in the pool so it is absolutely possible to pull none of the FF cards after obtaining all of the anniversary cards. This last point has caused polarizing opinions in online communities like Reddit. The FF cards themselves are very strong but the non-supreme cards are limited to 4 star rarity for the foreseeable future, so everyone needs to decide for themselves whether the possible cards round out their decks well or not.

Mobius Greater Summon – 6 Summon Tickets, 9 max


This particular summon gives players a chance at two new jobs in Balamb Mercenary (Warrior) and Tonberry Suit (Mage) while also providing chances at supreme cards at extremely low probability. Similar to the FF banner this one also grants anniversary cards on each pull, so you’ll need to do 6 total pulls between the two banners if you want to collect the entire set.

I’ve been incredibly lucky here with my pull for the Heretical Knight job, which is very strong for solo content due to its high sustain and rapidly charging limit break. It has allowed me to simply brute force my way through a lot of content I was previously stuck on.

Mobius Week

The entire week has been mobius day so far and it’s been incredibly helpful as I’ve managed to farm a lot of penumas to augment cards from 4 to 5 star tier, elevating their max level to 71 from the previous 63. The abundance of low level augment materials has also allowed me to augment a lot of 1 and 2 star cards up to 3 star rarity from the anniversary zone.

Anniversary Area


This area is pretty large and dedicated to confronting Gilgamesh at the end for an opportunity to acquire Muramasa and upgrade it to its final form. This is a gigantic area and you’ll want to plow through as quickly as possible while Mobius effects are still in place before the reset. Be prepared to invest in some extra bank slots as you’re going to pick up a lot of cards you want to augment for future ability fusions before selling them.

Aside from the weapon and card upgrades the Pupus are back so it’s the perfect opportunity to grab a few of them for skill seed farming if you don’t have a good collection already. The UFOs required to augment them from 3 to 4 star are still missing but maxing their 3 star form is still a solid step in the right direction.

There’s so much to do that I’ve honestly lost track of FGO aside from completing the dailies every day, so much for a break huh?


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