Fate Grand Order – Nero Fest Event Guide

It’s exciting to see our first grinding event on the global version of the game here and a lot is thrown at us from the get go. Since AP and actual play time are limited throughout the day it can be overwhelming to plan out how best to allocate your time, so let’s try to simplify the process a bit.

Event Format


The event is scheduled to take place over 9 days beginning from July 25 to August 3, with encounters rotating every 3 days. Drops will vary based on the enemies encountered and there are several different goals that players can work towards:

  • Grind medals to exchange items
  • Grind materials needed to ascend servants
  • Grind experience to raise Master levels
  • Grind bond with servants


The loot table is quite large and there is a lot of RNG involved when it comes to what you end up receiving while grinding each tier of difficulty. This has only happened on one run so far and the vast majority of my 30 AP runs have simply been 2x stacks of gold medals.


Combine the RNG factor with the relatively high cost of items and the event can feel pretty overwhelming, but you don’t have to clear the shop out! Things like the EXP and QP cards are straight losses in terms of AP efficiency and many of the lower tier ascension materials can be acquired by grinding story points instead.

I’ll put everything into a neat table in the next section so you can choose how to spend your time.


After the first day has passed it seems like the general consensus is to follow this particular format and adjust the selection based on the desired drops:

Goal Best Farm
Servant Bond 5 AP
All Medals 20 AP
Gold Medals 30 AP
Master Level 30 AP

I’m personally leaning heavily towards the 30 AP runs simply to get my master level up while also working towards the insane amount of gold medals I need. The added benefit of the 30 AP runs is that they award 20K exp a pop, which is just enough to keep me leveling every few runs for that much needed AP refresh.

Item Cost per Unit Stock Total needed
Meteor Horseshoe 10 bronze 10 100 bronze
Eternal Gear 10 bronze 10 100 bronze
Forbidden Page 10 silver 10 100 silver
Homunculus Baby 10 gold 10 10 gold
Crystallized Lore 200 gold 3 600 gold
Nightless Rose CE 200 silver 1 200 silver
200 gold 2 400 gold

The only ‘must have’ item in this entire list would be the Crystallized Lore as it is required to level servant skills from 9 to the 10. As an event-only item you can’t get away from grinding event currency so it’s best just to accept it and start collecting them.

The Nightless Rose CE has been the source of some debate as it is the only current source of Guts in the game for now, but doesn’t scale well with future content. If you’re currently struggling to clear content it might be worth a look, but I’d have to say it should be lower priority for the time being. If we remove the CE from the list of desired loot we are left with the following totals:

Medal Type Total Needed
Bronze 200
Silver 100
Gold 700

As you can see the requirements are heavily skewed in the direction of the 30 AP encounter which is the most efficient run in terms of farming gold medals. I think I’m going to fall short as I don’t min/max my AP as efficiently as possible but I will definitely have enough to grab at least the lores before the end of the week.

Guide to 30 AP – Three Heroes of China


In terms of team composition I find that my quickest clears have been with Saber Lily and a friendly Altera, managing to end the encounter by turn 7 on my best run and never taking longer than 9 turns after discovering this strategy. Saber Lily may not be considered a top end servant but her potent auto attacks combined with her lack of class weakness against this encounter makes her a strong choice.


First screen is basically a freebie even if your team sucks, just use your strong servant friend and alternate attacks to remove two chimera from the field on turn one. In this case I’d do Altera Tamano Altera as the game only swaps targets on kill if you change servants. If you use Altera Altera Tamano it will waste the second Altera attack on an already dead chimera while leaving the second one at high HP. This leaves the computer with an extra chimera to attack us with on their turn while also requiring us to waste an extra action to finish the second chimera.

These nuances currently go unpunished as we’re completely over-leveled for content but it’s good to build proper habits so we’re ready when harder events are pushed to GL.


Next up is a chimera with a lot more HP but the general approach is still the same here. If you have a squishy in your lineup you may need to protect them or they may die on turn one in the next screen. If you’re confident that you can win without incurring too much damage it is good to build up some NP charge here as you’ll want to burst the final phase of the fight as quickly as possible.


Target priority typically tends to be Zhuge Liang (Waver), Jing Ke, then J4 Lu Bu. The rationale is that Waver can stack a bunch of defensive buffs that reduce damage done rapidly over several turns which makes it very difficult to burst through. Jing Ke is next on the list as she is able to rapidly build up NP since it only requires 3 charges, and Lu Bu can easily be disposed of simply from AoE NP attacks.

Banner – Should I Summon?


If you are looking for umu prepare to be salty as the game isn’t shy about how terrible the SSR rates are. Those of you who saw my initial posts will know that I spent about 4 hours to roll my current account which is roughly 40+ rolls for a single SSR. Just for fun I spent one ticket (got nothing good) and a 30 quartz 10-pull.

While I haven’t been blessed by Nero’s presence I am quite happy to get Medea and Kaleidoscope (start fights with 80% NP charge). The latter in particular has already been incredibly useful in helping me get through the 30 AP encounters more quickly with Saber and Gilgamesh both starting with high NP charge.

Going forward I’m going to continue farming my 30 AP gold medals and I hope to have some good news as we progress into phase two of the event.



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