Fate Grand Order – Fate/Extella Event

Current Status


Players who managed to go through an entire week grinding exclusively 40AP dailies should find their efforts rewarded in the form of a much higher master level by now. I see players on my list in the 80+ range and have to commend them for their discipline, the vast majority of us were satisfied falling into the 60-70 range since there really isn’t a lot of content to go through just yet.

I’ve been taking care to pace myself as many burned out trying to min/max their daily AP a bit too aggressively and burned themselves out. There’s no real need to grind religiously just yet as our first event is still a few days away, so let’s take some time to clean up inventory and prep ourselves.

Selling (Burning) Cards


As I sit here writing this post all my servants are maxed and my entire inventory as well as second archive are stuffed full of 4* exp cards. The primary bottleneck at the moment lies in the general lack of ascension materials and some of the higher rarity items won’t be implemented for some time. Since exp cards can always be farmed again down the road it’s good practice to keep only the best on hand.

Aside from clearing precious inventory space burning silver (3*) cards also provides you with mana prisms, currency which can be used to redeem items from the DaVinci shop. Items in the shop refresh on a monthly basis so there are still several days left on the current starting set. At the very least I think it’s worth it to exchange for the summon tickets, the EXP and Fou cards are lower priority. Down the road some of these items can go for 1,000 prisms a pop so it never hurts to start saving if you see yourself playing long term.

Fate/Extella Event


To celebrate the launch of Fate/Extella on the Nintendo Switch a new Memories of the Lunar Sea mystic code can be unlocked from a quick 5 AP clear. By now everyone should be close to maxing the default Chaldea code so this is the perfect opportunity to level another.


While the Chaldea code is more of an all-rounder the new one is slightly more offense focused. It never hurts to have more options at your disposal so I’m looking forward to trying this one out.


In addition there’s also the option to select one commemorative craft essence from the shop for free as well. As usual you only get one ticket so pick the art that is most appealing as all of them have exactly the same stats.

Preparing for Nero Fest


This is going to be the first proper grinding event for the GL variant of the game and there’s quite a bit to cover. The event is going to take place over 9 days with encounters rotating every 3 days. The goal is to grind enough event currency, which in this case will be bronze, silver, and gold medals to redeem everything you want from the shop.

As usual everything is completely optional but the best approach will be to get the completion for all the daily quests as usual at minimum. At a glance it might feel overwhelming but realistically this translates to doing a few runs in the morning, then again in the evening and you’ll be in good shape! I’ll have another post up when I have my own route planned out, but those who are impatient can look up the JP version for reference.

Those who are still leveling and want a serious crack at the event will want to get their master level to 55+ to raise their AP cap and start befriending some whales. There is no shame in relying on their strength and it’s how I initially managed to get through the tough 40AP daily quests myself.


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