Fate Grand Order Global – Getting Started

Picking a Servant


Edit – If you’re reading this section after the first week of launch, it is no longer relevant as the free servant promotion is over, skip over to the next section on leveling servants instead.

TL;DR – Pick your desired husbando or waifu.

Before doing anything else you’ll want to visit the shop and grab your free servant so you can maximize the bond grinding. Who you choose doesn’t matter too much as most of the characters here offer benefits in their own way. Emiya is popular for his future buffs and bonuses to event currency, while servants like Heracles provide great scaling and stay relevant even now in JP which is about a year ahead in content.

Those looking to min/max can be forward thinkers, but many of the buffs that make certain characters appealing don’t show up for 8 to 10 months. It’s difficult to say if anybody reading this will still be playing at that point, myself included. Consider how long you anticipate yourself playing and adjust your choice accordingly.

Leveling Servants


FGO has a slightly different approach to leveling in that fighting with a servant only improves their bond. Experience is earned by fusing servants with exp cards dropped from enemies, and matching the servant card with the right exp card type provides additional bonuses. As your servants ascend to the higher levels they will require more EXP cards to hit the next cap so it is beneficial to start stock piling some in your inventory and second archive.


If you’re satisfied with your stash, sell the 3* exp cards for mana prisms, currency used to redeem summon tickets and other servant improving materials. You can boost attack and HP by up to 990 so there’s plenty of farming to be done before a particular servant is truly maxed out.

Grinding Dailies


With the current newcomer event lowering the energy cost of daily quest by 50% it really doesn’t make sense to do anything else at the moment for min/maxers. Aside from acquiring exp cards and cash to fuse said cards each run of the highest difficulty also awards roughly 15,000 exp. Having such a burst of exp out helps to quickly raise master levels, which increases the stored energy cap as well as maximum deck cost. Thankfully FGO allows you to keep the energy refunded for leveling up hence the 460 stored energy seen in the screenshot above.


Everyone will hit a wall sooner or later. When the inevitable wipe comes spend some time fusing cards on your primary servants and revisit the circle of life for different classes. Before embarking on a quest look at the highlighted area in the top left which shows possible enemy types and adjust your own team and support accordingly.

Advancing the Main Story


Certain ascension upgrades are gated behind story progression due to the location of the drops, but it is possible to farm the above encounters without going beyond level 60. Those who want a break from the monotony of grinding can go through the main story but the rewards will be pitiful in comparison. It’s something that has to be done eventually anyways so it doesn’t hurt to get a few story points out of the way every so often. 


The story begins as you’d imagine with a small group trying to gain their bearings as they’re surrounded by chaos and destruction. It doesn’t try too hard to be serious and the exposition is delivered rather quickly, wasting no time to give players excuses to fight and expose them to the colorful cast in the process. It’s definitely worth a look even if you are usually the type to skip dialogue. 

Between these two avenues most players should find themselves with plenty to do over the next few days, happy farming!


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