Fate Grand Order Global Re-roll Guide

There’s a bit of prep work that needs to be done before you can get rolling towards the salt mines and I’ve detailed them below:

Getting the APK

If you live somewhere like Asia you’re going to need to hit up a platform like APKPure or Qooapp to get your hands on the English client. Depending on the day one platform may update their apk before the other, so have a look at both and see which one works.

Disable Root and USB Debugging

FGO checks for the presence of both at launch and will instantly shut down if it detects either on your device or emulator. I’m not currently aware of a method to circumvent root detection (Magisk doesn’t work), but disabling USB debugging should be simple enough since it has to be manually enabled to begin with.

Getting Started


Many who play the JP version of the game see it as being incredibly F2P friendly, you do not need top end teams to clear a good majority of the content. There are many viable 3 and 4-star servants in the pool so frugal players can get by with some planning ahead of time. As such your primary motivation in spamming rolls should purely be to chase your husbando or waifus, it’s seriously that type of game.

Players are provided 25 chances to pull something good with each data reset in the form of two 10x summons and 5 single pulls. The first 10x summon can be completed at no cost after progressing through two missions and my own results for this pull are posted in the screenshot above. One of the limitations of the freebie summon is that you cannot pull units higher than 4-star rarity, so don’t fret if you don’t see that shiny SSR right off the bat. Instead, look at it as the bonus free summon that it really is. 


The second roll comes after you complete several more fights where you’ll be presented with a screen describing all the rewards from the early start campaign. The only thing you really care about is the line stating 42x Saint Quartz, which are the premium currency used for rolls in FGO.


By now you should have 45 quartz allowing for a single 10x summon and an additional 5 single summons. Everyone is chasing Gilgamesh with the current banner but SSR are notoriously rare, so have a movie or stream handy.

Hopefully all goes well and you can start playing immediately, but this result took me 4 hours of rolling and pales in comparison to some of the pulls I have seen online. Look up reference guides so you can decide on what units you want to chase from each tier, and whether to settle on a solid core instead.

Back Up Your Data


Let’s assume that you either got incredibly lucky or persisted long enough for the universe to finally give in, you’re going to want to protect that fresh and shiny account.

At the bottom right corner hit the menu button then navigate to ‘My Room’. Once there scroll down until you get to ‘Issue Transfer Number’ where you’ll be prompted for a password. After submitting a password the game will generate a unique ID to go with it, you’ll need both for account transfer or recovery down the road.

Both the password you set and the unique ID are case sensitive so please make note of them carefully.

In addition, each password can only be used once. If you change phones, reinstall the app, or sync your data for any reason that password is no longer valid. They aren’t kidding when they call this a one time password, so make sure your details are up to date to prevent headaches down the road.

Deleting your Data


If you’ve burned through the 25 rolls without finding anything worth keeping it’s time to reset your data. I’ve come across several methods online like using a root browser to go in and delete all the .dat files or using Helium to sync your app data back to fresh install status. All of these are viable options, but I believe resetting app data works the best for me. This is accomplished simply by navigating to the FGO app and tapping storage, then clearing app data and cache. You’ll have to download game data again each time so that’s where the speedy WiFi comes in. 

Best of luck with rolls and add me in game at 634,772,318!

If you’re looking for a few pointers on how to proceed from here, check out my post on getting started.


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