Mobius Final Fantasy – FFXIV Batch 2 and Continued Progression

Pull Results


While I did have to spend all my summon ticket reserves I did walk away with a few upgrades, though not quite in the areas I had hoped for, the most notable pulls are listed below:

Free Guaranteed GAS

  • Base Ace Striker job
  • Maxed Thief job
  • 5* Obeliska Max

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Banners

  • Titan FF XIV
  • Alexander FF VII
  • Leviathan
  • Deathgaze
  • Fenghuang
  • Nekomata
  • 3 x taunt cards

Single Job Pulls

  • Dancer
  • Scholar
  • Thief

I was honestly hoping for a bit more firepower for my Mage deck but I ended up with a few solid additions to my ranger jobs instead. It’s been a blessing as I’ve actually been having much more success rotating between the Dancer and Viking job classes in single player, the Mage is simply too squishy if I don’t get lucky with heart orbs on turn 1.

Chapter 5 Parts 1 & 2


A huge contributor to the improvement in clear rate is the fact that both Dancer and Viking have sustain built in to their limit breaks, which alleviates the problem of not having enough heart orbs at my disposal. This type of sustain is crucial as enemies get multiple actions per turn, resulting in frequent debuffs and auto attacks. 600 damage a hit from 5 mobs quickly adds up over several turns. New mechanics are also introduced in this chapter to spice up combat as well.

Elemental Influence

Each turn one element will have its effectiveness altered based on the displayed multiplier. Essentially, any number above 100 is bonus damage while anything below is damage reduction. This is important as you will deal no damage during a turn with 30% multiplier even with the usual elemental advantage.

To be honest this is actually a fun feature that adds slightly more depth to encounters as I don’t have the firepower to just brute force my way through content. The only real negative impact here is that you can’t rely on auto-combat nearly as much as the AI isn’t designed to be so robust.

Random Debuffs

There are different debuffs on different nodes and some target entire job classes like warriors or mages and others target specific offensive stats like attack or break power. When you stack these handicaps on top of the enemy’s constant debuffing you’re sure to run into trouble if taking too long to power through the fights. I’m slightly further ahead of where the picture above shows and each fight is a huge uphill battle as I play around with different decks to see what works.

The Real Game Starts Here


Catch up mechanics can be a double edged sword. Shortening the process for new players to catch up to current content is great, as potential players can be driven away if they perceive the barriers of entry to be too high. However, players can also experience frustration if they experience a sudden spike in difficulty after being conditioned to play a certain way up till that point. Most people, myself included, have largely been getting by on raw damage alone. I’ve invested to me to level up abilities and unlock their passives, but raw damage cards simply don’t cut it anymore.

As I’ve swapped over to the ranger jobs I also need to tweak my deck composition just a bit, prioritizing cards with area of effect:

  • AoE BDD (break defense down)
  • AoE CRD (crit defense down)
  • Strong single target damage
  • Knights of the Round FF VII

After resisting for so long it hurts to finally blow 74 ability tickets on a 3 star maxed card like this, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t working. Combining KOTR with an Aerith rental card gives me a ton of freedom and added burst to shred through red and yellow bars consistently.

With Mobius Day coming up in just over 12 hours I’ve spent the past day or so farming up 3-star AoE cards to help fuse abilities. Those who have a decent core at their disposal should definitely hit up Albion Plateau, the fourth exploration is a fantastic area for farming the necessary materials.


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