Mobius Final Fantasy – Deck Building for Progression

Main and Sub Decks


Progressing through Chapter 4 unlocks the ability to swap between a main and sub deck of ability cards. Having access to another deck not only allows for better elemental coverage, but also allows you to effectively power-level your own decks. Cards in both decks will be eligible for experience, but only the first slot in the main deck will retain its 3x bonus multiplier. Skill seeds are also determined by the main deck, so it’s possible to run 4x max Pupu cards for seed farming galore.

Upgrading Abilities & Skill seeds

It’s not sufficient to simply level strong ability cards to their max level, upgrading their abilities and skill seeds are just as important. The higher the ability level, the greater the requirements on the fodder being fed. Due to the fact that differences in rarity reduce the effectiveness of fodder material, it’s always recommended to max out ability levels before augmenting primary cards to the next tier.

Ideal Progression Deck


Building a potent deck is all about playing to the strengths of your particular job. In the case of my Mage it excels at water elemental attacks so that’s where I want to focus my efforts. In general the four cards are broken down into the following roles:

  • One primary damage dealing card
  • One Pupu of that element to enhance effectiveness of that element
  • One card to manipulate more orbs of desired element
  • One card for debuffing the enemy (crit resist down, break defense down, etc)

There is definitely a lot of flexibility involved depending on the encounter itself, group composition, and the overall difficulty of the encounter. I’m at a point where I can easily complete 1 and 2-star encounters so I simply swap cards out based on who needs experience and passive unlocking. Do make sure that all ability passives are unlocked before venturing into 3-star content though as players definitely need to pull their weight with the spike in difficulty.

Multiplayer and Sicarius Cards


The general consensus is that the Sicarius cards are some of the best cards to get your hands on when you’re new to the game. Their appeal lies in several key factors:

  • Easily accessible as all materials needed to acquire and upgrade them can be farmed in low level MP runs
  • Earlier scaling with 9999 damage limit passive unlocked at ability level 6 instead of level 8
  • Higher overall damage. 4-star Sicarius cards at ability level 8 out-damage 5-star ability cards at level 10

Technically you can max out all your Sicarius cards as long as you have time to play, as rooms hosted by other players do not consume stamina. The only time stamina is consumed is if you yourself host, or you actively opt in to spend stamina and double the reward drops. It’s good to get a bit of everything together as some of the augment materials and weapons require components from multiple encounters.


As a mage main my first priority has been to level up a Shiva card. After a week or so of daily casual farming I’ve managed to get her ability level up to 6, unlock the 9999+ damage passive, and augment her up to 4-star rarity. This card combined with a Water Pupu that I have on hand from last year’s UFO event allows me to be a potent damage dealer, enabling easier farming of Ifrit, my next goal to replace Kirin.

Ability Shop & Greater Ability Summon (GAS)


In general you want to save your summon tickets until there’s a banner event with some really strong cards, like the current one for the supreme card Xezat. As is the case with gacha pulls there’s a fair amount of luck involved and  it’s not uncommon to find people doing multiple pulls before they get something desirable.

If you run low on summon tickets ensure that you’ll be able to reach 3,000 magicite for your next Mobius Box before even thinking about spending magicite on pulls. If you’re diligent collecting from the distiller every day and do the odd MP run helping out with first clears you should end up with at least 1,500 magicite to use at your discretion each month. I’ve already burned this month’s allotment trying to pull on the Xezat banner with nothing to show for it, but such is the gacha life.

The neat thing about the GAS is that there’s a pull protection system in place where you’re guaranteed a job pull every 8 pulls, with the counter resetting every time a job is pulled. It’s hardly the most efficient way to gather jobs though as that’s 48 tickets per guaranteed job, so those looking to get the best value for money will want to make use of the job summon before it gets removed in August. Even if you have strong jobs on hand you’ll want to clear out the existing job pull as quickly as possible, lowering the chance of wasting your guaranteed pity pull as newer jobs are released.

As an alternate to the GAS there are cards available in the ability shop which can be obtained via ability tickets. These cards typically aren’t as strong as the Sicarius cards in terms of raw damage but there are usually some excellent support cards you’ll want to grab. It’s hard to go wrong with support cards that provide buffs/debuff functional




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