Mobius Final Fantasy – Quickstart/ReRoll Guide

I used to be pretty diligent with my SAO:MD posts but I’m honestly feeling burned out from all the manual grinding necessary to keep up with content. Between the equipment farming, event farming, and ranking events I just feel like the game is getting too time consuming. Everything is absolutely optional but my personality simply refuses to let me walk away from min/maxing any game that I touch. As such I’ve found myself replacing one tedious grind with another that allows for auto-play as long as adequate preparation is done beforehand.

I originally played Mobius Final Fantasy during global launch on Android and kept up until the tail end of the first UFO Pupu event, eventually jumping over to FF Brave Exvius as more friends were interested in that game. It’s been quite a long time since I last touched Mobius and it has certainly gone through drastic transformations, so let’s take a quick look at how to get back into the swing of things.

Starting off Right – Jobs


The game provides several Neophyte jobs which are lite versions of each base class intended to give players a sample as to how they play.  While these jobs can also be evolved into advanced classes they do not scale as well and thus resources should not be invested in them. Instead, it’s best to go perform the job summon as soon as possible to get maximum efficiency.

At the time of posting there are currently over 15 jobs in the pool and they are removed as you pull them, meaning you can technically earn all of the standard jobs if you play long enough. Square-Enix likes to play dirty though, so there are periodically limited time events that contain legendary caliber jobs which are superior to those in the regular pool. These types of jobs can only be attained via batch summons so players are subject to RNG on top of the usual RNG. Most people typically rely on the JP version of the game to use as a benchmark for Global’s future performance and the tier list for jobs can be found here. If your JP needs work plug it into Google Translate and you should be able to gather the core pros and cons of each class.

Those who aren’t looking so far in the future will be happy to know that any job you pull is going to be good enough to clear solo content and lower end multiplayer content. The various nuances don’t start coming into play until higher level raiding, by which point you’ll have a much stronger core and more resources at your disposal. Still, it certainly helps to start off on the right foot so those who are into re-rolling can spam to their heart’s content here.

Free Skillseeds – Novice Hall


After settling on a job you’ll want to plow through the content on hard difficulty and auto combat your way to the world map. Once there make your way to the Novice Hall tutorial area. Aside from teaching the core concepts of Mobius FF gameplay, each completed node also awards players with over 800K skillseeds from each element type. By the time you’re done clearing the entire area with your Onion Knight you will have enough seeds to fully max the job you pulled.

Please check to ensure you’re investing resources into the correct job so you don’t end up wasting crystals like I did!


In addition to the skill seeds and some limit break crystals, you’ll also be able to receive 4-star versions of the Ares (fire) and Siegfried (blue) cards for your troubles. While they may not match your particular class as warrior cards, they will be fantastic backbone pieces during the early leg of your adventures as their abilities, skill seeds, and skills come maxed out.


I opted to max out my Mage and upgrade it into a Warlock and the weapon upgrade alone was insane. Add to that the extra skill seeds at your disposal on turn 1, as well as the fact that you can perform additional actions each turn, and you can see why the transformation is so gigantic. As more tickets are accumulated additional jobs can be upgraded to better round out the team for solo and multiplayer progression.

Deck Building – Single Player


As players progress through the game and participate in events summon tickets can be accumulated, and these tickets can either be used to summon additional job cards or invested in ability cards. The Greater Ability Summon pulls 6 cards that can either contain cards of 3 or 4 star rarity as well as un-pulled jobs from your job pull, and I feel that this is the most cost efficient approach for players starting out. The possibility to pull both cards and jobs creates more value per pull if you’re still relying purely on fusing dropped monster cards. Specific cards can also be purchased for ability tickets from the shop if you’re not keen on leaving things to RNG, and you can opt for already maxed versions if you don’t want to do the subsequent grinding and fusing yourself.

Typically it’s best to match the ability cards with the appropriate job class for bonus multiplier to stats, so a mage like myself would want to secure mage cards for my deck. Early on these small nuances don’t mater as much as the game is quite forgiving but it is definitely something to work towards. As more cards are available via drops, events, and progression, things like skill seed farming can be prioritized as well. Any healing and buff needs can be satisfied by renting cards, and you’ll eventually want to put up one of your own for others to use.

Aside from the fact that having these types of buffs is fantastic, support cards also enable you to collect friendship tickets whenever they’re used by other players. These tickets can be used to summon cactaurs that boost experience, skill seeds or skill slots of your primary ability cards. It’s best to aim for at least 10 rentals a day to maximize friendship ticket gains.

Mobile Vs Steam

While it is possible to sync your save across the two platforms you’ll typically want to be playing on the Steam version whenever possible. It just runs infinitely smoother and looks much better than the phone version due to the vastly superior hardware on modern computers. Despite being a top end device my LG V20 continues to struggle with frame rates in the more demanding scenes whenever graphic texture details are turned up.

Happy farming!


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