SAO Memory Defrag – Monster in Deep Mountain + Sphica

Sphica is a freebie dark elemental rapier user who can help round out lower tier teams. In terms of kit and raw stats the freebie characters are designed to be inferior to their gacha counterparts, but characters like these can incredibly useful for newer (or tragically unlucky) players.

The experience for this particular event is identical to previous freebie characters where you’ll need to grind at least 40,000 event points in order to unlock all the stat nodes and limit break Sphica to 100.

Unless you need a specific type of resource it seems like Master is the way to go as you can finish most runs with good groups under 30 seconds, earning 700 event points each time. I’ve mostly found clear times closer to the 40 second mark due to the fact that I run OS Asuna and bring two dead weight characters to soak experience, quite a bit of dps is lost rebuilding MP with auto attacks rather than simply switching.

In general this is a fantastic event to grind as you’re going to get plenty of regular shards on top of the specific items needed to limit break Sphica’s sphere grid.

Encounter – Minotaurus Horn


Faceroll your way through the first two screens of trash and make your way to the Minotaur. Don’t worry about knockdowns or combos here as you’ll find that someone always causes a combo drop on the first screen of the actual Minotaur.

Jump the sonic boom if you want to practice the mechanic but there’s a very high chance that someone else on your team is going to get clipped by it. Get into melee range and try to SS3 him from behind whenever possible. He only faces one way with his attacks so you can easily double dash behind him to avoid damage and freely unload on him.



The above picture shows the base stats of a level 100 Sphica with all of her attribute nodes unlocked and no equipment worn. Aside from her inferior SS1 and SS3 abilities the biggest bottleneck with Sphica lies in her current lack of skill slots, which means you’re unlikely to maintain combo up time if she’s tagged in.


For the time being Sphica will best serve as a character who helps pad body count in multi-part fights whether it’s a raid boss or floor clearing event. When enough time passes she might get skill slots that can help elevate her to be a higher priority character, but given the current state of characters like Blade Dance Kirito or Healer Asuna I wouldn’t keep my fingers crossed.


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