SAO Memory Defrag – Gigantic Earth Dragon Rank EQ Farming

This is a complete rehash of the Storm Griffin farming event with the backgrounds and elemental changed up to be earth. There’s little brainpower involved with quickly farming up your gear and the only real barrier of entry lies in whether you run with semi-geared people or not. It’s hard to say how many sets you should farm but I’d say at minimum go for three accessories for the ranking event.

Master is ridiculously easy and has higher drop rates for R3 gear to save you time so you should always be opting in to that difficulty once your missions are done.


  • Complete Int without down
  • Complete Expert in under 1 minute
  • Complete Expert without down
  • Complete Master in under 1 minute
  • Complete Master without down

I’ve skipped the completion mission rewards since those are a given and there’s no point wasting space here.

Encounter – The Earth Wyrm

First screen is the usual trash mob set that you can just mash your way through. The only thing to be careful of is to not get knocked down if you still need mission completion for that particular difficulty tier.

The dragon itself is an exact copy and paste. Get ready to parry the first hit into SS3, then mash your way to victory. To ensure that you don’t get knocked over, make sure you use SS3 as the dragon does an unblockable attack.

Unless you are bringing dead weight most runs should be over in under 30-40 seconds even if you’re pugging. Quickly get these out of the way and get back to farming the floor clearing or ranking events!


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