SAO Memory Defrag – Demon Conquerer of Alfheim Master+ Ranking Fixed!

The first time this event was released Silica had a bug where she could kill the boss instantly, causing many players to be incredibly frustrated until they received some free MD. Aside from the free MD for all players Bamco announced they would re-release the event with the bug addressed and that’s why we see it again. With everyone having much stronger characters and equipment at their disposal, players are going to be fighting over every last fraction of a second.

Prep Work and Team Comp


Guld the Ancient Ogre is holy so any and all dark characters you can muster for your team will be fantastic. Ninja characters are clearly the best for this event not only for their elemental bonus, but also because their SS3 helps to quickly gap close while also providing speed buffs. Remember to equip them with those ninja earrings if you have them, that 3% ATK/Crit on top of ranking event damage buff should really add up!

If you don’t have a full ninja cast you can always fall back on other strong characters who excel at quick combo building like the OS cast. As usual those with quick attack animations excel so OS Asuna has very high priority here. Those who have ranged SS3 like Princess Silica or Alice may be useful for specific parts of the fight where Guld has an unblockable scream that prevents melee characters from doing damage.

Guld the Ancient Ogre

This would have been my best run had I not been greedy towards the end and opted to brute force SS3 rather than parry the last idol. As a side note, if anyone reading this knows of a good app to record internal audio on Android without root please let me know!

As usual the encounter itself varies depending on how much damage you do. Those with better gear or lucky crits will find themselves moving onto the next phase of the fight earlier than others, and this is something that we can’t really control for. This guide will focus on assuming you have the damage to push through, and those who are struggling a bit more may find my previous post using OS characters more useful. Read on below to find a breakdown of the fight.


As soon as the fight begins you need to dash towards the bottom of the screen to avoid the cluster of bombs being thrown your way. Four dashes are sufficient if you have a ranged SS3 like Princess Silica at your disposal. The goal here is simply to get some free damage on the boss while getting a defense debuff on him. Princess Silica’s attacks with her mace are too slow to be useful to us here, and we want to tag out as soon as she’s done.

If you’re using someone like OS Asuna simply modify and dash until you’re behind him to start SS3. Don’t be greedy with them as you don’t fully lock the boss down even with your faster attack animations.

Tag in leafa

Start mashing on the second person you want to tag in towards the end of Silica’s SS3 animation and they will SS1 to gap close. Guld will go for two ground smash attacks, both of which can be avoided for free if you have someone like Ninja Leafa at your disposal.

If you’re using a non-teleporting character simply face your character the same way that you want your support to tag in facing. If Guld is doing his attack swing as pictured above you would want to appear behind him, so you would face your current character left before tagging out.

NAsuna Parry

After the second SS3 from Leafa we want to tag her out since she’s all out of MP. In speed runs we want to minimize the amount of time we spend building MP, so Ninja Asuna is next. I actually make a mistake here and waste time by not running closer to parry which cause me to waste a second or two. These small mistakes are ones you want to minimize in ranking events as every last fraction of a second counts.

NAsuna autos

Between the first and second parry it is crucial to do at least one auto attack to maintain your combo while Guld re-positions himself to throw more things at you. If you attempt the parry into SS3 sequence back to back the combo will fall off which kills your run instantly.

Punished for greed

After the second parry Asuna is all out of MP so we bring Silica back to finish things off. I make a huge mistake here trying to greed for the kill. I get hit which results in a point deduction of ~18,000 while only getting an extra 7,000 in bonus for the 29s clear time. With the botch at the end I only manage a 1.88M score which should easily put most players in the top 20, maybe even top 10 if you aren’t in a particularly difficult group filled with skilled whales.


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