SAO Memory Defrag – Invitation From Fairyland Ranking Event Part 2

As a quick reminder the witches here are earth, dark, and wind elemental, so be sure to bring the right crew with you. If you’re like me and don’t have a full set of elemental characters don’t fret, good execution with OS characters can still make for a very solid time.

The fight is simplified this time with the sequence usually following a parry > vines > double parry pattern. There may be slight variations depending on what breakpoints you happen to hit with your team comp, but you should still get a good rough idea of how to pace yourself here.



As always walk forward into a free parry and SS3 combo and get into melee range to perform some autos as you get ready for the same vine jumping sequence.


Following the vine sequence you’ll find yourself with a double parry sequence which I typically swap and SS3 with. Remember to slip in a quick auto or two before parrying the next swing so you don’t drop your combo.

I was lucky enough to pull Princess Asuna so I’m able to simply mash SS3 from range to clear the second witch quickly before moving on to rinse and repeat on the third.

Something I’ve started noticing in my ranking event runs is that it’s much better to stack your combo counter higher than it is to try to go for heavy hitters early on. Opting to go with OS Asuna early on and swapping out to OS Kirito for the final stretch has yielded some nice gains in clear times.



This is a once in a life time event where I actually managed to snag first place and I’m hoping that I can hold on until the end of the event tomorrow. Looking at the rest of the bracket I do have some leeway to work with, but the last event has shown that someone is always trying until the very end. As long as I end up in the top 3 I’ll be happy as I honestly want to get started on the new floor clearing event rather than throw more attempts at these witches.


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