SAO Memory Defrag – Invitation From Fairyland Ranking Event Part 1

The only mission this time around is to get 3.6M or higher for the ranking event which will reward you with some SD Gold Medals. While the number itself appears high it is incredibly easy to achieve and things don’t get hard until you start getting competitive with ranking event placements in the top 10. Some people will have easier brackets than others but for the most part even F2P players should be able to pull in respectable times.

Prep Work

The design of the fight this time around feels like a filler as you’re essentially doing the same fight 6 times only it is split between two halves with slight variations. The witches do have different elemental affinities so you’ll want to pick the right crew where available:

Part 1 – Fire, Holy, Water

Part 2 – Earth, Dark, Wind

As I was incredibly lucky with this banner I managed to pull Princess Silica and Asuna, so I split them up to get the defense debuff on each segment:

Part 1 – Princess Silica (dark), Ninja Asuna (dark)

Part 2 – Princess Asuna (holy), OS Kirito, OS Asuna

I didn’t want to farm an entire outfit of earrings for this ranking event so I only got 2 pairs which I placed on both the Princess characters. The other three characters rely on their ninja and os accessories respectively.


Part 1

The general pattern for the first leg of the encounter is parry > dodge > dodge.


While they can all be parried the opening melee attack has several variations that influence the hitbox and timing of the attack. Pay attention to which one you get and react accordingly, since there’s nothing else happening on the screen you have no excuse to get hit by this.


Following this attack the boss will trigger a bunch of bombs that cover a wide portion of the screen. The conservative approach is to run towards the top corner where there is always a safe spot for you to stand.

A more aggressive approach is to stand right next to the boss, melee twice if you’re on a faster attack animation (rapier, dagger, etc) and then jump. This is a much higher risk approach as you risk getting hit with a poison debuff but you also minimize dead time where you’re not doing any damage.


The third attack sees the boss summon a bunch of vines that can be completely avoided simply by jumping up. Maintain your combo here by using autos while the witch summons vines, jumping, and attacking both on the upward and downward arcs of your jump. There are slight variations to how much you can get away with here in terms of autos, and you’ll find faster characters get away with more hits.

When you land, get ready to parry into auto attack or SS3 depending on your current mana and lineup. In general I try to auto a few times wherever possible to ensure that I always have at least 100 MP at my disposal so I can tag that character back in via SS3 for max damage.

After you parry that attack another one will follow quickly, and you’ll usually only be able to squeeze out a single auto before being forced to parry again. This particular transition tripped me up several times before I finally caught on and forced myself to be slightly more conservative.

After the second parry you’re back to the rinse and repeat cycle.



In an ideal scenario you should end with a clear time around 1 minute with little to no damage taken, putting you in an excellent position to get that 3.6M reward. Since the encounters are practically identical in both sections aside from elemental affinity, try to play around with your lineup to see what works best. In my case I found that trying to insert OS Sinon into my first segment group actually increased my clear time due to my clumsy swapping along with her lack of ‘real’ R4 weapon.

By now you’ve probably seen clear footage of players in the 40 second and below range and it might be easy to dismiss them as P2W but there’s a lot of technique involved. If you’re determined you’ll spend some time in the lab to see which animations you can get away with clipping and whether or not you have enough damage to brute force through certain boss ability rotations.

Good luck!


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