SAO Memory Defrag – Undead Dullahan Ranking Equipment Event


With the current ranking event being a two-part affair you’re going to need to grind some extra accessories if you want to min/max your way to a higher score. Similar to other banner events Undead Dullahan features challenges you can complete for bonus goodies:

EX Missions

  • Complete with 6+ parries
  • Complete with 75-hit combo
  • Complete in under 1 minute

Master Missions

  • Complete with 100-hit combo
  • Complete in under 1 minute



I typically prefer EX for grinding events due to the quicker clear times but I’ve been finding Master difficulty to be just as fast this time around. On this difficulty you’ll want to be a bit more conservative and bring 2 proper DPS characters with a single leech just to maintain speedy clear times. As usual the limiting factor comes down to how quickly you’re able to get groups together. If it’s taking a good 5 minutes to assemble a party of 3 it’s obvious that soloing EX is the more time efficient approach.

The first screen is filled with trash mobs and it is where you’ll want to do the bulk of your parries if you still need to complete the 6+ parry challenge. I find the jumping kobolds to be the easiest ones to parry so I’ll usually keep one around while my pug party members zerg the rest.


Dullahan starts off by chucking a nade towards your party’s spawn location so you’ll need to dash out of the way to avoid getting hit, lest you be hampered by a poison and MP debuff. This is really the only thing you really want to avoid as it will significantly hamper your clear speeds, you can try to pad combo by clearing the trash behind him but it’s very likely that someone on your team will get hit before you get to 30+ hits.

Following his nade he has several melee attacks at his disposal, and the only one you can avoid is his short distance 2-hit swing. His wide swing with huge wind up and death grip cannot be parried and need to be dodged though both abilities are incredibly generous with how much time you’re given to react.

If you have enough dps to burn Dullahan down you should basically get a rinse and repeat of these abilities. In some cases when your pug can’t quite get it done, Dullahan may throw some nades into the air causing multiple blobs to fall towards the ground.


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