SAO Memory Defrag – Longing for Sailor Suit Event Farming

While most people seem to have a lukewarm reception to the banner characters everyone is keen on completing the tedious 50K farm to unlock all of the event rewards. The whole point of hitting that magical number is to collect 1,000 Stardust to trade in for two Rainbow Essences, materials you’ll need to unlock skills on your fancy 4-star character pulls.

At this stage of the game most people are already quite far ahead with regards to farming ranking equipment as well as the actual ranking event itself, but slackers like me still find myself struggling to keep up on a ‘casual’ schedule. At 500 points a run on EX you’re looking at 100 runs to get everything you need, which is problematic since you’re likely going to rely on multiplayer to get things done.

Encounter – Ceratodustail


As usual you can bring a single carry unit and two dead weight to soak experience and I’ve opted to go with my trusty OS Asuna. The fight itself is incredibly straight forward and you’ll be able to complete most runs in under 25 seconds as long as people are actually contributing.

The fight begins with a quick laser attack that traces several places across the floor which causes patches of ice to erupt from the floor until it pops up under Ceratodustail. This ability can be dodged easily simply be running along the top and bottom of the screen, I’m sure you’re picking up on a pattern here with regards to boss encounters. This ability will pop up from time to time, and if you happen to be under the boss when the patches of ice pop up, simply dash vertically to wait it out before resuming your attacks.

After the initial laser attack the boss will usually do a charge across the move twice, which can be avoided by being patient and letting him crawl his way around before trying to attack him.

Once he gets settled in a corner he’ll attack with is front claws or do tail swipes, all of which can be parried. However, an easier approach is to simply sit in the middle of his body and avoid all of these attacks while dealing damage instead.



If you can, befriend some players to form static groups so you can speed up this incredibly tedious grind. The actual combat portion of each run is short but you add a significant amount of time finding groups, waiting for people to load in, and sitting through the rewards screens. Sticking strictly to pugging I was only able to average roughly 7,000 reward points an hour due to the huge delays in finding groups.

When you’ve finally hit the 50K mark remember to go and read/skip through all twelve story skits so you can get some hard earned MD.



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