SAO Memory Defrag – Foxy Priestess Silica Freebie Char

Bandai has been releasing quite a few events with MD rewards lately and it can feel pretty overwhelming if you want to play the game casually. Most of them are filler encounters that are simply designed to give you something to do between meaningful events, keeping you motivated to continue logging in every day. The Foxy Priestess event is no different as you’ll need to grind 40,000 event points in order to fully unlock everything in the freebie Silica.

Once you’ve completed the initial missions and completion bonuses there are several things you’ll want to do to expedite that dash to 40K.



One of the downsides of multiplayer is that it can add quite a bit to the overall clear time once you factor in the initial search, waiting for players to load, and the occasional dead weight. We’re going to do away with all of these factors and opt for quick solo clears on the Expert difficulty.

The fact that we’re clearing on level 50 content means that there are essentially no restrictions as to what team you bring. I opt for OS Asuna as my primary damage dealer and bring two units to soak experience, 80 runs at 400+ exp a pop certainly add up.


In the encounter you are going to need to kill Silica herself and her companion Pina, a task that can easily be accomplished by mashing SS3. The way to really speed things up is to ensure that both of the targets are in close enough proximity with each other that they can be clipped by the same SS3. If you fail to do this you will easily spend a good 30+ seconds on each run, in which case you’re better off doing EX so you could at least an extra 100 points (600 total) per clear instead.

In an ideal scenario each run will take you 7 seconds of actual fighting time, with the rest of the time being limited only by your device speed and internet connection. Put on a good stream or movie and simply mash your way to victory for this.
Happy farming!


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