SAO Memory Defrag – King of Lakes Mission Challenge Campaign April

After experiencing severe burn out from the idol event I’ve honestly taken a bit of a break and haven’t even touched the game since my last post. As it currently stands I still have to grind through this mission challenge, Strea’s character introduction, and Fox Silica’s event. With so much to do let’s not waste any time.

Every single day there will be a single kill quest that you can do for several free MD like kill 2 silver kings, make sure to check the missions tab so you know what you need to do during the week. There are additional week long missions that are as follows:

  • Defeat The King of Lakes at the Event Quest x 15
  • Defeat The Silver King of Lakes at the Event Quest x 15
  • Defeat The Gold King of Lakes at the Event Quest x 15

Completing all there of the bonus objectives will reward you with a total of 35 MD on top of the existing mission bonuses themselves.



I debated against even posting something for this event as the encounters are all incredibly straight forward. Each difficulty has its own miniature hit combo that you want to do as part of its completion challenge, and the way to do it is just to brainlessly mash SS3 with your team. With enough attacks going through you can easily power your way towards the 100-hit combo required for the Master completion bonus.

There is no real strategy as all your hits only do a single damage so things like weapon type or element don’t matter at all. If you take more than 45 seconds to kill the first fish a second will spawn with similar stats. For the most part you can tell if your team is capable of a time efficient clear or not early into the encounter.

Quickly get these done while you’re waiting for that habitually late friend or something, this is one of the most time efficient MD sources currently in the game.


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