SAO Memory Defrag – Popstar Online Ranking Event Part Two

If you thought part one was frustrating you’re in for one hell of a surprise. Part 2 serves up much more of the same experience where you’re going to want to chuck your phone at times despite having figured out the set sequence you want to work towards. A lot of people seem to be equally frustrated by the considerably low scores in brackets like mine and I’m quite certain they won’t move much before the event comes to an end.

Encounter 1 – Lucian the Big Idol Fan


Run along the top or bottom edge of the screen to avoid the vacuum and SS3 from behind. Immediately after you’re going to want to dodge vertically as he has a two hit move where the first hit, an upward swing, must be dodged but the downward smash can be parried. Those who have excellent mechanics can dash back in to parry the attack, but plebs like myself find much more consistency simply getting out of the way.

Following the downward smash he will raise his arm again for another single downward smash attack that can be parried into SS3 as usual. You should get two of these in a row before Lucian goes for the two-hit smash again, so remember to dodge out of the way. After the smash he returns to the trusty vacuum so remember to stay in the middle of the screen to give yourself more leeway for escapes.

For those who only have a single strong character to bring, take your time to build up sone MP to use on SS3 in the subsequent fights before moving on.

Encounter 2 – Goblin the Greater Idol Fan


This guy is a huge wrestling fan and starts off by doing flippy stuff from halfway across the room, simply stand still and get ready to parry to open the fight and SS3 or melee as necessary.

Following this he will either do an overhead smash with a very slow wind up animation or a horizontal swing. The overhead smash can be parried but be sure to watch for the flashing red eyes indicator before parrying. The horizontal swing can be avoided if you simply dodge vertically as usual.

At 50% HP he will hulk up and bounce you back if you try to melee him, use regular autos to land a few hits and rebuild some MP but get ready to defend against the flippy move once again.

Of the three mobs this one is by far the easiest one.

Encounter 3 – The Crazed Eyes Big Fan


I experimented for a while before realizing that characters like Ninja Leafa will frequently airball their SS3 if you aren’t positioned perfectly for the counter even if you parry an attack well. This earlier screenshot was one of many instances when I was tempted to test the durability of my V20, man am I glad this encounter is finally over and done with.

For the most part he follows an A B A B pattern where A attacks must be dodged and B attacks can be parried. The fight always begins with him smashing his sword into the ground which causes a volcano to erupt from your feet. Simply start running towards him on the upper half of the screen to avoid this damage. Staying in the upper half is not mandatory but I simply find that dodging downwards feels more natural to me.

As soon as he gets into melee range he will do a downward slicing attack that you can parry into SS3. After that he will do a wide horizontal swing that you can either jump over or dash to avoid. His next move will be to unleash a three hit combo on you which you can parry into auto attack combo or SS3.

As this fight is purely about execution it is very likely that you will have dropped combo by the time you get to the Big Fan and miss out on 50%+ in bonus damage. Do what you can and be patient, as you should be able to realize from early on whether you want to opt for a time bonus or no damage type of clear.



After throwing yourself at this encounter for about 2 hours you should be able to get a good sense of what type of run your team is capable of outputting and adjust your runs accordingly. In general the x5 multiplier on damage taken is worth eating if you can shave off several seconds of clear time.

After you’ve gotten the 2.1m+ score that you need to get the score mission simply drop down to EX for quick and easy runs to round out the 25,000 event score you need to unlock all the rewards. Most runs should take less than 30 seconds to complete so you should have a significantly easier experience on auto-pilot.




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