SAO Memory Defrag – Popstar Online Ranking Event Part One

As always there are a series of extra challenges that you can complete for bonus perks and they’re all easily attainable. You’ll easily accumulate the six parries or 30 hit combos while doing the missions for completion, so the bulk of this post focuses instead on attempting to get the 2m+ scores that are needed to be competitive in this ranking event. Do remember you’ll need to grind 25K event points to unlock all the score rewards as well.


  • Earn a score of 200,000
  • Earn a score of 400,000
  • Earn a score of 800,000
  • Earn a score of 1,200,000
  • Earn a score of 1,500,000
  • Earn a score of 2,000,000
  • Complete EX with at least two sword characters
  • Complete EX with 6+ parries
  • Complete Master with a 30-hit combo or higher

Encounter Prep 

Highly mobile characters with fast attack animation are preferred as usual though a single ranged DPS like OS Sinon or Ninja Yuuki can actually be very beneficial here. I’ve been experimenting with my triple melee team of Ninja Asuna, Leafa and OS Asuna for the time being as I still don’t find myself very comfortable with the ranged characters yet.

Unlike the previous encounters you must complete all three stages in a single go, which is likely to contribute to the frustration factor for a lot of players.

Encounter 1 – Minotaur


For this segment of the fight I always use Ninja Asuna as she just does ridiculous damage despite having similar gear to OS Asuna.

At the beginning of the encounter he will dash forward and do a powerful downward smash with his axe as soon as he’s in range. You can dash towards him to lessen the time it takes for him to swing at you, but be careful not to get too close as his knee has a random hitbox as well. It took me a while before I realized I was getting chipped for like 150 hp right off the bat here.

Immediately following his first smash will be a 4-hit combo where the first hit cannot be parried but the next three can. Do a three hit auto combo then dash behind him and get ready to parry again for another freebie SS3.

The next move is the tricky one. Minotaur will jump into the air and do a heavy smashing attack, but even if the purple indicator on the ground is facing to the right, he will attack the left side if your character is offset to the left. The only way to avoid this seems to be to stand directly below him until he lands. Similar to the above, do one hit less than your typical full auto combo to allow your character some frames to reset so you can dodge appropriately.

After this it should only take an extra rotation or two before the Minotaur finally falls. If you want to pad some extra combo hits you can wait to swap in another character that has a longer combo like OS Kirito’s 16 hit SS3.

Encounter 2 – Wolf


Start the fight dashing either to the top or bottom of the screen to avoid the initial charge and just start whacking away with auto attacks. He’ll do the same leaping attack that we’ve all seen before and you can parry it as he’s on his descent into SS3.

The great thing about OS Asuna here is that as soon as that first parry goes off you can just keep pressing SS3 until the wolf is down without threat of being hit. If you have Asuna’s R4 weapon you can basically get a freebie here with triple SS3 off the initial parry.

Encounter 3 – Kobold

The Kobold is actually surprisingly easy from an execution perspective and the only difficulty lies in having good positioning throughout the duration of the encounter. All of his attacks are heavy swings with a big wind up so you should be able to consistently dodge and evade as appropriate. As long as you don’t box yourself against a corner during an unavoidable AoE attack this encounter will be a cakewalk.

The fight always begins with the Kobold chucking its weapon towards you from across the room. The more stylish and min/max type of player can jump over the sword and dash in for an immediate parry, and the more conservative types can simply run along the bottom of the screen to avoid the encounter entirely with a slight time penalty.

The one move that can trip you up is his jumping smash. The purple indicator on the floor does not match up perfectly with the actual hit box of the ability, so always dash further away on the Y axis in order to ensure you aren’t getting clipped. I’ve had so many runs where my 100+ combo got dropped at this very point and it’s been frustrating to no end.

After enough HP is depleted the boss buff himself then dash away to create distance such that he can start chucking weapons across the room at you. Jump over them or run along the top/bottom edges of the screen to close the distance as quickly as possible to end this particular sequence. As soon as this sequence ends he will do the jumping smash so please be careful not to trap yourself against the corners.



Aside from getting that sweet 2m+ score to earn yourself a Top 20 finish you’re going to want to spend some of those idol tickets as well. As usual save up enough tickets to do the 11-pulls on the bronze and silver tickets to get that extra freebie pull. Since all of them are technically free there is no reason not to spend your tickets as you come across them. Unlike the medal scouts that carry over to future events it looks like these idol tickets will expire after the current event is over.


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