SAO Memory Defrag – Sinon Return Match Farming

Bandai really likes to keep us busy as they’ve already released the equipment farming mission for the next ranking event before the current one has finished. The encounter itself is pretty straight forward but you’re going to need quite a few cracks to get at the extra missions pugging:

  • Complete EX in under 1 minute
  • Complete EX with 75 hit combo
  • Complete EX with 6+ parries
  • Complete Master in under 1 minute
  • Complete Master with a 100 hit combo

You will want to finish all of these as you can get a total of 25 extra memory diamonds from them.



To begin with she will do a sequence where she spins her spear and walks towards her current target slowly. This ability cannot be parried or blocked so simply stand clear. At the end of the sequence she will do a big wind up swing that can be parried into SS3.

A variation of this attack happens when she basically does a whirlwind with her spear which cannot be blocked or parried. Simply dash away when she does this particular ability and you’ll be fine.


Occasionally vines will spawn on the ground that act as a slow and Sinon will leap into the air and dive down similar to ninja Asuna’s last hit on her SS3. It hurts a lot on Master and you’re definitely going to want to strafe away to avoid the damage.


Technically that’s all there is to the encounter but my pugging experience thus far shows that most of the time it’s going to be a gigantic cluster like the above. I actually managed my 100 hit completion when we had three OS Asuna just chain spamming ss3 and melee attack on the boss. Talk about execution and skill!

As is always the case make sure you have access to at least 3 R4 accessories by the time the next ranking event starts, you will absolutely want access to that 10% bonus damage to help cut down on clear time.


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