SAO Memory Defrag – Shadowflash Slash EX/Master Missions


The character introduction quests are pretty straight forward even on Master, you only have to pay attention to a few small details before you can unlock all that free MD. However, you’ll want to know that there are also extra missions you can do for additional medallions:

  • Complete EX with at least one rod character X
  • Complete EX with at least two mace characters X
  • Complete Master with at least two rapier characters
  • Complete Master with at least two dagger characters
  • Complete Master with three sword characters

You can complete all of these missions relying on a single ‘carry’ DPS so hopefully you have enough misc units that satisfy the above requirements to fill in the other two slots. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have the right units, you can always farm the medallions if you need them.



Like the other character introduction quests Ninja Asuna is pretty straight forward as long as you play around her very limited win conditions:

  • If she is parrying, you will always eat a full combo
  • If you eat her full SS3 animation you will lose a character

As long as these two conditions are not met you will always win the encounter even if you lose a character.

When the fight begins sit tight and get ready to parry. Asuna will sometimes start out with her own parry which means you can’t do anything, she will still get the parry off if you attempt to dash behind her. Sit tight and counter her quadruple pain into SS3. She will basically do this two or three times, sprinkling in an SS1 if she’s too far away.

Be aware that Asuna likes to alternate sides after each attack so you’ll want to make sure you’re guarding on the right side to prevent free damage. Every last point of HP counts if you’re to survive her SS3.

The SS3 is honestly the only thing in this encounter that can really ruin your run as it can easily one shot any level 80 character even if they are fully dressed in R4 equipment. SS3 can be avoided entirely if you simply kite away, but you need to watch for that final drop from the top of the screen. It always seems to fall right on top of your character so you’ll need to dash away to avoid the damage.



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