SAO Memory Defrag – Dark Elem EX 100 Hit Challenge

If you’re like me and don’t have the best mechanics you’re in luck as there’s a hilarious way to cheese the 100-hit mission. Thankfully Bandai haven’t specified that you have to beat the boss with a 100-hit combo, simply that you have to perform a 100-hit combo and beat the boss in the same run.

Rather than trying to build combo on a squishy boss that has plenty of AoE the goal here is to instead do the mission on the first screen with trash mobs while fighting the boss as usual. While there are a variety of characters who can fill this role, the easiest and most amusing character to use is the freebie 1-star Kirito that we all start the game as.



Pump some of those EXP potions into him so he is maxed out, then unlock all his MP slots and beeline straight for his SS2.


In terms of equipment you’ll want to use any gear that can significantly increase your MP. All of this emphasis on MP is to reduce the number of auto attacks you need to do before you’re able to use SS2 again, effectively allowing you to perma-stun one of the trash mobs you’ll be building combo on. You can chuck on other items like armor for more defensive stats, but you really shouldn’t be getting hit to begin with.


Create a party with your main DPS and slot your noob Kirito into the line up and you’re good to go.



The first screen of the encounter starts out with two wolves and a club wielding elemental. Clear the wolves then swap to vanilla Kirito to start building your combo on the ancient elemental.

Your SS2 is a two hit combo where the second hit will knock enemies down, and we’re going to use this ability to perma-stun the ancient elemental while we build up a 100-hit combo.┬áSome of the elemental’s abilities have longer wind up than others so it will take a bit of practice before you figure out which ones you can afford to delay SS2 on. In general every time the elemental is knocked to the ground you should be able to get 4-5 auto attacks in. Rinse and repeat until you break the 100 combo mark and swap back to your primary DPS to complete the encounter as normal.


If you’re really good you can do the entire segment in under a minute, but as you can see from the screenshot I took some damage and dropped my combo once. Still, it’s a cute way to get another free 13 diamonds.

Happy Farming!


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