SAO Memory Defrag – Alicization Daily Missions Master Farming

With the arrival of the Alicization banner come a set of new missions that involve besting either Alice or Eugeo twice every day.¬†The dailies are pretty easy since there aren’t any difficulty restrictions on them, so you could plow through intermediate in less than a minute. This post is designed for players who are looking to tackle the Master tier for completion or personal challenge.



The basic gist behind the encounter is that Alice and Eugeo rotate who goes on the offensive based on parries performed by the player. They switch it up after every successful parry, so be sure to select the appropriate target so you can actually connect with SS3.

At the beginning of every fight Alice will SS3 while Eugeo charges towards you, so the best course of action is to simply sit still and get ready to parry. Parry his attack and reward him with SS3 to the face. Depending on where you’re positioned you may need to dash around to avoid damage while you prepare for Alice to come charging in.¬†Alice will do the same thing and attack you with physical attacks while Eugeo sits back blocking. Rinse and repeat and you’ll quickly complete the encounter.

The only real point of frustration I experienced in this encounter was actually trying to click on Alice or Eugeo to target them sa they ran towards me. Their quick movements combined with the small size of their characters can result in multiple touches before you select them, which in turn opens you up for eating a full combo or two in the process.


I personally don’t have too much interest in pulling for either character with my already limited MD, so I’ll just be doing enough to get completion and daily bonuses for the relevant events.


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