SAO Memory Defrag – Queen of Chef Farming!

This time around we get Rechka, a freebie 4-star character who happens to be a mace user. With the current state of the game mace users feel a bit lackluster, as they have slow attack animations and typically don’t have any meaningful way to compensate for it. Still, it’s an excellent opportunity to complete all the missions and view stories for more extra MD, especially with the recently launched Alicization banner.



Similar to Gleam Eyes the boss has an on/off type of mechanic. It begins the fight by jumping into the air and either pancaking onto the ground or summoning purple AOE circles that you can dodge. Wait this segment out then SS3, rinse and repeat until victory.


If you have a decked group of players with you, you can throw strategy and decision making out the window and simply SS3 mash your way to victory. The quickest EX run I’ve done thus far was 14 seconds and involved simply trapping the boss in the corner with SS3 mashing on both sides to keep it locked in place.

As a side note the boss hits pretty hard, especially the explosive red orbs that can one shot even OS charcters. Don’t go into this fight if you aren’t at least max level and can eat the occasional hit or two, as you will get clipped by something. It pains me every time I see some level 40 join, I want to help them, but most of the time they end up wasting diamonds on revives.


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