SAO Memory Defrag – The Stage and a Cat Fairy Ex Farming

With the ranking event having just come to a close I wish I could say that there’s time to take a breather, but these JP gacha games really don’t mess around. There’s only 4 days left of the Cat Fairy event and you’re going to want to grind enough to unlock all 50,000 event points as well as the storyboard skits. The latter is especially important as it offers a total bonus of 60 memory fragments!


All in all you’re looking at roughly 100 runs if you’re doing them on EX, which means an average of 30 or so a day since you’re bound to have a dud group or two along the way. Those who are geared enough and have access to a dedicated farming group may opt for Master difficulty, but I’m personally quite happy doing runs just shy of a minute long with good consistency.

A new mechanic being implemented here is the character bonus, which increases your multiplier if you do the runs with a hinamatsuri banner character in your party. Unfortunately all of my diamonds have been devoted towards OS characters and weapons with little success, so I don’t have the luxury of pulling on these characters even if they look super cute.

Encounter – Dodge Stuff


There are several moves that can be parried but the general consensus is simply to dodge everything for more consistent results. As more people get their hands on OS characters a lot of groups seem to be content with just attempting to zerg the boss down with SS3,¬†but this approach doesn’t always work. Not all players have the throughput necessary to burst the boss down and end up being forced onto¬†filler characters like Camisole Asuna.

Basic grouping principles will go a very long way here:

  • Don’t stand in a corner
  • Don’t stand everyone on the same side so everyone eats cleave
  • Don’t run the pillars into your group

Medallions Galore


Building upon the previous Storm Griffin event, this one continues to drop plenty of medallions on each successful clear. The only difference is that the current event covers more than just the base non-elemental and includes a variety of other colors as well. Since we’re going to farm the event anyway it doesn’t hurt to stock up, removing the stress of having to grind them down the road when other events are stacked up.

The only catch here is that the extra colors could hamper your efficiency if you’re only after void medallions. If this is the case then you’ll still be better off grinding the Storm Griffin event while it’s still up.


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