SAO Memory Defrag – Bonus Mission Challenge Campaign March 2017

If you can submit yourself to Bandai’s latest trial of RNG by completing the daily campaign challenges¬†you’ll earn 15 memory fragments a day or 105 total fragments at the conclusion of the campaign in a week’s time.¬†At a glance the RNG element makes the entire experience sound much more cumbersome than it really is. It might take a few attempts to get the right spawns but overall you shouldn’t find yourself struggling on any of the objectives.



Each difficulty has a corresponding color of rabbit that you’re aiming to destroy and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason behind their spawn rate. It took about 7 runs for me to get my silver rabbit spawn on quest 2, and I managed to run into the gold rabbit on my very first EX run.


Aside from the fragments this is an excellent opportunity to stock up on EXP potions without being restricted to the urgent quests scattered throughout each day. Maybe this is a hint that there’s a nice banner worth pulling coming up in just a little bit, who knows.


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