SAO Memory Defrag – Return of the Minotaurus Farming

Basic Strategy

This particular event can be frustrating if you don’t understand the mechanics of the encounter, and based on my experiences pugging thus far it seems like this includes a lot of players. The pair of minotaurs work together like a fantastic tag team, with one acting as the front line while the other provides offheals as necessary.┬áThe goal is to force the dark minotaur to channel heals, rendering him vulnerable to attack.

There are a variety of ways to execute the strategy but it all boils down to the same few moves:

  • Parry light minotaur, causing it to take a nap, dark minotaur will start channeling heals.
  • Swap to dark minotaur and burst down as best as you can.
  • Repeat above until dark minotaur is eliminated, then do the same for the light minotaur.

Aside from the mandatory parry there really isn’t too much structure to the encounter itself, especially when you can’t communicate with pugs in a meaningful way. If you’re running with friends you could have the weakest one on dedicated parry duty to speed things up slightly, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to hit S-rank either way.

Below is a step by step illustration with screenshots:

Step 1 – Parry the Light Minotaur


Most of the moves can be parried. The tricky one seems to be the first slash of the 4-hit combo, block the first hit and the next three can be parried with good timing. To assist you, the game will even call out “Parry!” once in a while, so pay attention to that if you are having trouble gauging the stance of the light minotaur.


A lot of players seem to be hard wired from Storm Griffin and Samurai where every parry must be followed immediately by SS3 mash. This flowchart is detrimental for the encounter as the light minotaur will always get healed back to full HP from the dark one, your priority should always be to swap immediately to the dark one to burst it down.

Step 2 – Hit the dark minotaur


After every successful parry the light minotaur takes a quick nap and the dark minotaur will channel a heal spell to top off his partner in crime.


You should usually have enough time to get off one SS3 completely safe, maybe a second if the dark minotaur parks itself very far from the light one. Higher DPS groups can do this in one rotation, but the event is quite forgiving for S-rank so there’s no need to force the damage if you’ll lose a character in the process.

That’s literally all there is to the encounter. If your DPS is low you may go through several rotations before you can down the dark minotaur, but as stated before, you don’t really need to worry about the time limit as long as your DPS isn’t absolutely atrocious.


This seems like a fan service and filler banner more so than a progression one like we saw with OS. If you have OS characters on hand you can easily skip the pulls and only grind the armor and bracer if they genuinely are upgrades. The gear is supposed to help with the ranking event, but I reckon the matching elemental bonus from OS gear will be more beneficial.

If you don’t need the gear I would honestly recommend going back and grinding Storm Griffin instead to farm void medallions, those will be a much more tangible upgrade for a lot of players trying to squeeze out a bit more throughput.



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