SAO Memory Defrag – OS Ranking Results and Prepping!

OS Final Ranking


At the conclusion of the event I found myself rank 17 in my group which was basically a blessing given how poorly most of my runs leading up to the event’s end were going. I didn’t think any cheaters would have made it into my bracket but I’ve been proven wrong as I’ve managed to climb 6 places since the end of the event and now find myself in slot 11. If I could’ve squeezed out an extra 10 or 12 thousand points I could’ve been the one to occupy the 10th slot instead.

All in all, it’s slightly disheartening not because I missed out on the top 10, but mostly because the people┬ájust above me are using exactly the same configuration for the most part. They’re using OS characters with 3-star weapons and managed to get a superior score, which indicates that their execution was simply better than mine. I do think I’m a better player than I was before the event started, but I don’t know if I’m going to be growing quickly enough in order to keep pace with the upper echelon going forward.

This time around, the groups were all assigned at random, so there were some other group of deaths where whales occupied the top 5 slots and they were all fighting for the smallest differences in points. Going forward, groups are supposed to be assigned based on performance in this event, so it should be interesting to see how things play out with the holy ranking event that starts next week.

EX Crystal Farming


It’s great to see that there’s been a new tier of difficulty unlocked for crystal and col farming intended to speed up the process a bit. Along with that bump in rewards comes a huge bump in enemies though, enough so that my V20 actually exhibits visible frame drops during the more intense scenes. You know it’s serious business when you have time to cast multiple SS3 while enemies are still spawning.

With the gradual introduction of new characters, both free and paid alike, it’s nice to see Bandai adjusting the drops to help expedite the catching up process. My Yuna is maxed in terms of levels but still has many trees waiting to be unlocked simply because characters like Seven take priority.


I’m also happy to report that much like unlocking each tier, it seems like characters can now have their stats boosted in bulk. You no longer have to sit through each individual node’s animation and voice line and can instead skip straight to the very end. If this was in the game all along then I’m just a chump who is late to the party.

Reroll Nightmare

Since the implementation of the OS banner I’ve probably rolled a hundred or so alt accounts with nothing to show for it. The best account thus far has been one with SAO Silica and a Beater Kirito, but if I’m going to go through the trouble of rolling I want at minimum one OS character. Some players have taken to farming the 251 MD to do the double character banner pulls, but collecting all those diamonds takes roughly an hour of play time. I’ve been debating on going that route but I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I spent an hour farming just to pull a 4-star Klein.

I’ll keep trying while the banners are up as the units are supposed to have some longevity if the JP version of the game is anything to go by. I don’t like the idea of topping up to pull every banner, so this is the only way I can ensure I get to start off on the right foot. With the implementation of the EX crystal stages catching up shouldn’t be too hard either, I just need to roll a good account for once.


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