SAO Memory Defrag – Storm Griffin Farming & Breaking 1 mil in OS Ranking Event

There are a ton of events all unlocked right now and it’s going to be pretty hectic trying to get runs in on everything. Here’s a priority list so you can better manage your time:

Consolation Banners


If you were tripped up by the whole guaranteed more than 4 star thing before you’ll be happy to know that the fixed banners are up costing a single fragment each. Those who haven’t rolled should go ahead and do the first buggy roll on both the character and weapon banners. Having 44 chances (22 each banner) to get a top tier unit means that it’s not a terrible time to re-roll if you can devote some time into farming those 400 fragments. You’ll miss out on the current ranking event in the process but you’ll be in a very good position going forward.

Having several 4-star daggers and a Courage R4 on hand, I was really hoping to pull an OS Asuna or Silica to add to my ranks. Seven is a nice upgrade from Captive Asuna but Sinon is likely going to be riding the bench for a while. I’ll still bring her along to soak experience since she’s 4-star but being a bottom tier character I won’t be prioritizing her stat unlocks.

Storm Griffin


The training wheels from the Samurai encounter are stripped off here and players are going to have to level up their game. With no zone indicators and much faster animations players are going to have to sight read the encounter, but thankfully there are a lot of abilities that can be parried:

  • Initial charge at start of fight
  • 45 degree dive
  • Forward charge on ground
  • Peck attack

Listen for the ping sound and watch if you see others mashing SS3. If you sync up you can easily build up a 60-hit combo simply by following up and significantly chunk boss HP each time. In some of the more hilarious runs I’ve seen, it’s been three OS Kiritos just mashing SS3 from beginning to end off of one initial parry.

Master difficult is actually significantly harder than before in co-op mode and many players don’t have the gear or mechanics to keep up. It’s created a sort of elitist culture of sorts where some players will straight up kick you if you aren’t rocking an OS character as your lead. After getting completion on Master I’ve mostly settled with farming EX since the baseline to clear the encounter is much lower. As you can see from the screenshot above I continue to bring random characters in to soak experience whenever possible.

Sword of Diva R4

For those of us who missed out on the Beast Lord event a few weeks back this is the first time we have access to a farmable 4-star sword. Yuna’s sword boasts a fantastic 1,000 ATK and serves as a great starting point for people who haven’t had much luck from weapon pulls. It’s been said that farmable equipment will always be inferior to the pulled gear and we see that rule at work here. Despite having comparable attack the Sword of Diva is packing less than half the crit of most 3-star swords. I don’t plan to farm for another sword but I’m still grinding since the encounter has a chance to drop void medallions.


These medallions are used as currency in helping to unlock skill slots on select characters and currently provides three benefits to choose from. It can raise attack and crit slightly, increase the combo time window, or increase combo bonus damage. The middle stat should be leveled once with the freebie medallions provided from the event as having extra time to prolong combo chains is huge in shaving precious seconds off rank times. Given that the Storm Griffin can be farmed until the event is over, players have very little reason not to grind until they can fully upgrade the skill slots on their main characters.

As a precautionary note these bonuses only kick into action when you’re actually fighting, so you will not see any difference on your stat sheet even if you max out all three.

Breaking into the Millionaire Club


To illustrate the importance of the skill slots this is the time I was able to achieve on Master+ purely after upgrading the attack/crit and combo time slots. I’m still not playing perfectly and you can see that there’s been chip damage incurred, but even with the x10 penalty I still managed to break into the millionaire club. Better players using the same gear could probably drop the time down to the 60 second range if not better, but I’m just not good enough.

I had initially anticipated 1,020,000 to be the cutoff mark for top ten but the score above only affords me rank 9 in my group, which is already quite easy by comparison. We’ve all seen screenshots of group of deaths with multiple fully fledged whales battling for the smallest difference in clear time around the 30 second mark.

Update – 

The Storm Griffin event is now a permanent addition to the event banners so you can go ahead and do the runs at your own pace when you happen across some OS characters from pulls. Unlike the more recent farming banners medallions continue to drop one at a time so you’re going to have to invest a bit of time to grind them all out.


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