SAO Memory Defrag – Return of the Storm Wyrm Farming


If you bothered to fully unlock Captive Asuna chances are you’re going to have a bit of odd currency on hand thanks to RNG. Remember to sell them for col as you’re going to need quite the trust fund to outfit an entire team worth of gear with the current armor farming event. You’ll want to make sure you get a few sets going as well as the armor available is likely to be leaps and bounds better than anything you currently have on hand.


The augma is particularly desirable simply because it provides a boost to all stats across the board, making it an excellent accessory to whatever character you happen to be running. The good news here is that the augma seems to be gender neutral but the armor is split between the sexes, so you’ll likely want multiple copies of both the coat and dress depending on your group composition. Aside from Kirito the strongest characters seem to be female, so it can’t hurt to have a few extra dresses on hand.


The difficult part of getting to a fully maxed R4 is how expensive it is. If you’re somehow swimming in col and materials (I would still advise against it) you can go ahead and save a lot of time by upgrading from the endless stream of R2 drops. In general people will recommend you to skip R2 altogether due to how cost-inefficient it is. Most prefer to save their limited resources on R3 gear to minimize the time needed to farm the col and crystal events.


Since you’re allowed to bring 3 characters total to the event it’s ideal to bring a main (DPS or healer) and have the other two slots be occupied by fillers looking to soak experience. Initially I tried to go with my usual Rain DPS but I found that I was running into many players who were much better geared with superior characters. It simply made more sense to be the heal bot and enable them to carry me than it was to struggle with my mediocre geared Rain.

The encounter itself is pretty easy where the first area just requires a bit of timing to get the dragons as they land. The boss itself is also quite simple in that you want to stay as close to the body as possible for a vast majority of the encounter. You can parry the two claw moves which have slow animations and simply block if the boss does the 45 degree bad breath. Once you’ve hit the boss for a while he will charge up and do an AOE knockback which you can either block or double strafe backwards to avoid.

By the time this is posted most people should already be done farming their armors and progressing on the ranking event already. I’ve been slacking a bit and find myself with only a maxed out R4 coat and a single maxed R4 augma. As seen in the screenshots above I’m still a little short on cash and I would really like to walk away with 3 total augmas and 2 dresses maxed out.

Groups are taking a bit longer to find and I’ve taken to soloing EX by bringing a high level DPS buddy. The runs are slightly slower without top notch dps zergging the boss down but it certainly beats sitting around for 4-5 minutes between runs. I haven’t quite figured out how best to control the AI yet, but I do notice that it tends to be more aggressive when a target is locked on (green indicator) as opposed to free aim. Here’s to hoping my RNG turns around and I’ll have all the R3 drops I need before the event is over, col and crystals can always be farmed at another time.


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