SAO Memory Defrag – Guardian Rush Progression

Identifying Bottlenecks

I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after a week of playing Memory Defrag. My 4-star Rain from the tutorial summon is sitting at level 85 and I can comfortably farm Expert event modes, and I have enough stats to get carried through the EX encounters by generous players. It’s liberating to be self-sufficient farming for crystals and materials, but frustrating to sit just on the edge of being useful in EX.


One of the main limitations is the fact that my character has no damage at her disposal. Using a generic weapon farmed from the noob dungeon attack caps out at a mere 212 even though it’s maxed out. Unfortunately for me I missed out on the Beast Lord event where many players managed to get their hands on their current three star or superior weapons.

I did get the chance to farm Sinon’s event a little so I do have a nice collection of bows at my disposal, the only problem is that I don’t have anyone on my roster who can use them. With Rain being my primary damage dealer I need to get my hands on some sort of sword or rapier, and the only way to get that is to use the weapon draw.

Spending Memory Fragments on the 11-pull


When it comes to budgeting game currency everyone is going to have their own take as to what approach is the most efficient. Depending on who you ask, some will say that you should hoard every last memory fragment to throw towards the upcoming wind banner, while others will say that you should focus more on immediate need. Sitting on a pile of 900 fragments thanks to first time completion rewards I opted to go with the latter.

The good news here is that I managed to snag three 3-star weapons, the bad news is that none of the three star weapons drawn can be used by Rain. The staff can be used by Captive Asuna, so it looks like my streak of being a healer/utility player continues even here in gacha games.


While a 3-star sword would have been fantastic this 2-star sword is still a good upgrade, offering more than double the damage of the previous generic offering once it has been upgraded slightly.

I ended up doing a second pull out of impatience and ended up with much of the same, fantastic upgrades in the form of a 4-star dagger but again nothing of immediate use for my Rain. It sucks but I basically have to sell everything as it’s not worth the already rare crystals to upgrade slowly from 2-star variants.


Still, with the upgraded sword Rain can hit 3800 ATK which is sufficient to contribute on the current EX Guardian Farming event. I definitely don’t do enough damage to solo EX and rely heavily on co-op play in order to get the content done. The good news is that I can usually sub in my Captive Asuna to play healer, bringing more utility to my team and granting me access to reliable EX clear times.

Depending on success with groups it might actually be quicker overall to run expert instead of EX. With Expert you get a consistent and relatively quick 250 event points a pop, whereas EX grants you up to 600 with the risk of occasional wipes.


As we’ve already seen RNG doesn’t always smile upon us and I had to go quite a bit beyond 40K event points in order to get the final few holy crystals for Captive Asuna’s last limit break. It’s absolutely worth the effort if you’re like me and haven’t managed to pull any 4-stars since that initial Rain pull. Access to a healer is going to be incredibly helpful for the recently launched OS event. That’s the thing with this game, you never really get to hop off the treadmill as a new player since there’s always something new to grind.


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