SAO Memory Defrag Reroll Guide for Android

Before we begin, it’s important to remember that a lot of the existing content can be completed without relying on ultra high end rolls. The point of these min/max practices is simply to ‘future proof’ the party a little bit more, similar to the way you would a PC build. The idea is that by simply starting out with something better you will be better equipped to deal with more demanding content down the road.

The whole point of gacha games is to roll your desired characters whether it’s for the art style, combat prowess, or some sort of sentimental attachment. If you do not have any of these desires, then there is simply no need to spam the re-roll process, just jump in and enjoy the game!

Those who are unsure of whether they enjoy the game or not should devote time to identifying that before attempting any sort of re-roll spam. The worst feeling is to spend a few hours rolling accounts only to find that you really aren’t feeling the game at all.

Desired Rolls

As with most gacha games rarity is king, it’s actually extra important in MD as characters cannot be evolved to higher rarity. Even a low-tier 4-star rating character will be superior to an S-tier 3-star character simply because of the difference in stats available. All the current content can be cleared with 3-star characters, but if we’re trying to future proof ourselves a bit we definitely want to aim for a good 4-star to work with.

The chart above is from Reddit’s Memory Defrag discord and rates all characters based on their 4-star variants. In an ideal world we would walk away with a roll from the A or S tiers, but depending on luck some players may find they’d rather just start playing instead. It all boils down to personal preference, but if I’m going to put in the time to re-roll I would definitely prefer to walk away with something to show for it.

For reference the current account I have with a 4-star Rain and 3-star Yuuki took about 45 minutes of rerolling with fast WiFi, but as always your mileage will vary.

Getting to the Rolls

Simply progress through the game as normal and allow the game to walk you through that first free Scout as well as the first mission to Tolbana. Finishing the first mission will result in a total of 26 memory fragments at your disposal allowing for the second single roll. Ideally one of the two will be an A-tier or better 4-star character, but as the rates are quite low it will take quite a few attempts. If both rolls are completed and neither yield a satisfactory character it’s time to reroll.

This is the painful part. Rerolling requires you to clear game data, which unfortunately means that all the data and FMV have to be downloaded once again. You’ll want to do this over a good WiFi connection to minimize downtime. Alternatively it is possible to do these rolls through multiple emulator instances so you can have one active window while the others are downloading and patching.

Repeat as necessary until you finally get that 4-star character you seek.

Got What I Wanted


So you’ve put in a bit of time and finally ended up with a decent starting¬†unit or duo, now it’s time to protect that time investment. Unlike some other games that rely on Facebook sync or Google Play Games, Memory Defrag ties user data strictly to a transfer ID and password.

Navigate to Menu > Other > Data Transfer and tap to set up the credentials. The game will generate a random ID for you, but the password must be set up manually. Screenshot or write this down somewhere in a password locker, as this is the only way to regain your account should something happen. If you need to reach out to customer support they will require this information if they are going to attempt to help you.

Going Forward


Your first goal should be to assemble a cast of three 4-star characters at level 80+. This should not be hard with your rolled 4-star, Camisole Asuna, and the freebie Captive Princess Asuna that’s going on with this current week’s event. You will need to reach rank 24 or so before you will have the 40 points necessary to run all three concurrently,¬†but you’ll still want to focus on maxing one unit at a time.

Hitting that level 80 mark is desired simply to have enough baseline stats to eat a few hits without dying. Unlike other games, you have to be alive when the final monster is slain in order to be eligible for rewards. The quickest way to achieve this is to farm the EXP events that occur several times during the day and last for an hour each time. Those potions can be supplemented with the freshly launched crystal farming event that will last for the next 45 days to unlock every possible tree for your main characters.

From that point on, it’s a simple matter of deciding how best to invest your time towards farming each event. Good luck!



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